Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), however, we arrange drop-offs and pop-up shops for items around Ontario, and inshallah soon to expand to the rest of Canada and even the US!

Q: Is Hijabae for women only?

A: No, Hijabae serves both men and women! However, Hijabae’s main client base are Muslim women as their primary target.

Q: Are your clothes cleaned?

A: All used clothing items have been washed and dried, or dry cleaned when applicable. Washed clothes have been cleaned with Ultra Concentrated Tide Original soap.

Q: How do we sell our clothes to you?

Step 1: Check that items match our intake criteria.
Step 2: Drop off your clothes at our drop sites arranged around the city. To find our upcoming events, sign up to our newsletter or check our Upcoming Events.
Step 3: You will be given a quote by the Hijabae team according to the quality of items given.
Step 4: You will be invoiced the quoted amount for your items. For more information, visit our Sell Your Clothes Page.

A: Absolutely! We greatly appreciate and welcome donations, as they help us keep our prices affordable. However, all donated items will still be held to our intake criteria and will be rejected if they do not meet quality standards.

Q: Can I sell my clothes if I am outside of the Toronto area? (ex. USA)

A: Yes, you can ship your clothes to us. Email us at info@hijabaedesigns.com to arrange for shipment. We will ask you for images of your clothes and give you a quote for them. We will then create your invoice. When the items arrive in the mail, we will send you your invoice. IMPORTANT: Hijabae does not cover shipping costs or VAT fees.

Q: How much will my clothes sell for?

A: Typically Hijabae purchases clothes between a $1 – $5 range, depending on quality of materials. For more information about pricing, please visit our Sell your Clothes page.

Q: Do you accept cultural clothing? (ex. Desi shalwar)

A: No, Hijabae does not accept cultural-specific clothing.

Q: How can I purchase clothes from you?

A: Check out our shop page. We also have pop-up shop events around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that you can find in our Upcoming Events page.

Q: What is your Refund Policy?

A: Hijabae does accept partial refunds. Please do NOT send refunded clothes back to us. If you wish to refund an item, please fill out our application form in our Refund Policy Page. 

Q: What if my clothes don’t have tags with care & manufacturer information?

A: You can manually send us the care and manufacturing information for your clothes. We will include this information on the tags before selling them to others. This is very important for legal reasons that we have the care information for our items.

Have more questions? Email us at info@hijabaedesigns.com


Hijabae is the first and only Modest Resale Clothing shop in North America. Founded in 2020, Hijabae initially started as a digital art brand called Hijabae Designs. In 2023, Hijabae Designs expanded as Hijabae to include modest clothing in their product line, realizing there was a dire need for affordable clothing for Muslim women. Hijabae’s primary mission is provide products to Western Muslim women who want to embrace their inner ‘hijabae’!

Hijabae was founded by Shifaa Syed, an entrepreneur who started out as a student who simply craved representation in products and media around her. She created simple designs on a variety of products in order to help young visibly Muslim girls feel seen. As time went on, she realized that she could do more to serve her community. After careful research, she implemented the model that Hijabae uses today; a model empowering her Muslim community every step of the way.

I hope Muslim women can benefit from my art and inspire them to feel proud of who they are, and know they are never alone.

Shifaa Syed, Founder