How It Works

Step One.

Look through your closet for gently-used modest items that you wish to sell.

Step Two.

Check that the selected clothing passes our intake checklist.

Step Three.

Choose a time to visit our drop-site locations and sell to our team.

Items Hijabae is looking for:

  • Abaya
  • Thobe
  • Skirt
  • Long-sleeved, long shirt
  • Topi/Kufi
  • Cardigan
  • Blouse
  • Maxi Dress
  • Hijab
  • Wide-leg pants/jeans
  • Blazer
  • Jumpsuit
  • Books
  • Prayer mats

Items Hijabae is NOT looking for:

  • Hijab Undercaps
  • Underwear clothing (ex. panties, undershirts, bras, etc)
  • Cultural-specific clothing (ex. Pakistani kurta)
  • Non-Islamic books
  • Clothes that are not islamically compliant (ex. with slits, rips, see-through, too short, skin-tight, etc.)


Pricing for your items have a range between $1 – $5 CAD. Items on the higher end of the range are applied to clothing that:

  • Is new
  • Tags are included
  • Is a higher quality item

If an item you wish to sell is not on the list in the intake form below, we will give you a non-negotiable offer for it during the drop-off. Payment will be given via e-transfer or cash during drop-off. Upon inspection during drop-off, Hijabae’s team can decide not to purchase clothing if it does not comply with intake criteria (ex. ripped clothing, non-islamically compliant clothing, worn-out, etc.)

What if I don’t live in Ontario, Canada?

You can ship your clothes to us. You can email us at with:

  1. Images of your clothes
  2. Your shipping location

Once we review your images, our team will give you a quote for them. If you are satisfied with your quote, we will then create an invoice for your clothes and send you the shipment address. You will arrange for shipping to our location. When the items arrive to our location in the mail, we will send you payment for your invoice. Important note: HIJABAE DOES NOT COVER SHIPPING AND VAT FEES. Please consider potential shipping fees before deciding if you wish to ship your clothes to us.

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